Last Day in the Shed

by carolinejupp2014

My residency ended on a high with a busy Saturday, lots of visitors to the shed and recordings made of working lives – a Water Research Engineer, Artist, Athletics Timekeeper, Bakery Assistant, Sister-sitter, Start-up Coach, Mechanical Engineer, Recycler and a couple of Park Champions.

I’m feeling very sad that the shed is now closed to the public. It had become such a fantastic intimate talking space in the vastness of the park.

A very big thank you to everyone who supported the project in many ways – from recording stories, your company, help with shed DIY, warming hugs, Poitin and hot soup! THANK YOU!

But the project is not over yet! The next phase is to finish all the transcribing and design and publish a small limited-edition Labour of Love booklet to be launched 1 March 2015.

As I continue with the transcribing I will also carry on posting stories from the shed on the blog – so keep on following!

Last days shed