And Rest

by carolinejupp2014

I was talking to my sister about how she likes to ‘clear her desk’ before the holidays.  I always think of this as finishing one’s work; for my sister, it is both that and a literal clearing of the piles of paperwork. As she works in a grimy oily office for a tyre company, it is also the only time she gets to give her desk a good clean. That must feel good.

As a self-employed person, there never seems to be a point where I can say ‘all my work is done.’  But clearing and cleaning all seem to be necessary ritual to get one ready to enjoy the rest and all the celebrations.

I have just painstakingly washed every wee branch of my Christmas tree which had been sitting outside and covered in building site dust from across the road – a strange task, but immensely satisfying.  Even if I haven’t ‘cleared my desk’, my tree is lovely and green now!

I hope everyone has a good rest over the holidays.

Xmas Shed